One Punch Man Episode 1

  Title:  The Strongest Man

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  • Analeise Campbell

    so…. what’s the point of this anime…
    to put me to sleep?

    • Tatsu

      Yes, because cancerous faggots like you don’t deserve to watch the AOTY and your primitive brains are preventing you from comprehending anything past boring moe anime

      • Cory Rayden Tayner

        Bit defensive ?

        • Supreme Overlord of Christmas

          A lot defensive?

      • jeff

        It’s not loading for me. Is this the english dubbed version?? They said it’s been aired already on Toonami…

      • DARK CREAG……..

        YOU CAN GO TO HELL TATSU. Your name tatsu came from irregular at magic high school from the main character tatsuya shiba right ………

      • GhoulKiller9001


      • Willsonalot

        A little too defensive?

    • Alex Friedman

      It’s satire! It’s meant to make fun of anime and it’s clichés, not just be it lol that would be boring if it was just another anime

    • Anton Phan

      well the show is a form of satire comedy that’s poking fun at superheroes and how overpowered they can be…

    • Nemezezaj

      If you want to watch something that will put you to sleep, go watch Game of Thrones. This anime is beyond exciting, energetic and hilarious.

    • FriskyBitz

      did you even watch the whole thing? if you only watched like little bits of the boring parts, then this show is still good because it’s more of a comedy thing then anything. also the fight scenes are THE TIGHTEST SHIT EVER!

    • killer_plague the_after_math

      the point is for entertainment incase you couldnt realize

  • DARK CREAG……..

    Tatsu you can go to nell

  • Robdelgame

    A great start to one of the best animes of all time

  • killer_plague the_after_math

    This is my favorite show tbh

  • amine charaf

    7:50 the most disgusting moment

  • Nice site